May contain traces of...


in collaboration with Giulia Pompilj

‘May contain traces of…’ explores the journey of the rice grain and its impact on cultural preservation, identity, product and human trades, and ingredient commodification.
Through a tableware collection, the installation visually narrates the historical trajectory of rice within the borders of Suriname– a former Dutch colony, focusing on three specific rice varieties between the 16th to the 20th century. Oryza Glaberrima represents cultural and spiritual preservation, introduced from West Africa to Bahia (Brazil) in 1530. Oryza Sativa showcases the intermingling of cultures through its journey from Southeast Asia to West Africa. SML, a genetically modified rice variety, symbolizes control and economic expansion.
By delving into the history of a single food ingredient, ‘May contain traces of…’ offers an insight into our present reality challenging our understanding of consumption. Through scientific research, artefacts, and captivating stories, the exhibition invites visitors to explore the intertwined narratives of cultural preservation, identity, market and power dynamics.